Friday, March 8, 2019

More Books for Lent & Easter

Today I’m adding to last Friday's post with lists of PBT books I've featured more recently. Like before, I'll give you hyperlinks via the book titles. Books for younger children are first in each list. Keep in mind that some books could be in several lists. 
Remember these books may not directly relate to the themes I've listed. Instead, many books are starting points. Your job will be to steer your audience to the themes you most want to explore. For more explanation of these particular liturgical events, read my previous post.

Ash Wednesday and Lent in General
On this day, we remember Jesus' time in the wilderness being tempted by evil. Lent in general is a time of being inspired by Jesus' devotion and humility. Prayer and repentance are other important themes. These books will help you talk about these difficult subjects:

These books could lead to a conversation about refraining from distractions or waiting with hope for Easter:

These are books about prayer:
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is a celebration of the hope that Jesus brings and abounds with praise that he deserves. In this list are books about both of these concepts:     
About Hope:
God's Dream                                      
Psalms for Young Children                         
The Upper Room (Maundy Thursday)
Here we have the first communion ritual (bread, wine, and a call to remember) and Jesus washing his disciples’ feet (a call to service).
These books connect with at least one of these themes: 
Connect these picture books with the story of Jesus on the cross because they are either about the concepts of sacrifice, forgiveness, death or grief:
The Rainbow Fish
The pivotal event of the Christian faith is a celebration of joy, beauty, divine power, possibility, and transformation. At least one of these themes are connected to these picture books:                                     

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