Saturday, September 21, 2019

PBT Discernment... What works for you?

Thanks for your patience while waiting for the next PBT post. Family circumstances and technical difficulties have kept me from posting. Now that I’ve been away, I’ve decided to take some time to discern the direction of PBT.
I’m interested in your feedback. 
Consider how PBT helps you and how it’s lacking. Then comment below. 
Would you prefer shorter posts, short podcasts, or both? 
Which books...Theme-based? 
I've been focused on secular books that you can’t easily find 
and God books about the nature of God. Does that still meet your needs? 
Do you like book lists or 1 book at a time? 
Children’s literature is getting better and better! Are you mostly interested in the best picture books coming out now
or classics that you might be forgetting?
Do you like my comments where I give you ideas for using the books or is this not a good use of my time?
All suggestions are welcome.
Remember you can access the 800 or so books here at PBT using the search box in the top right corner or using the large number of search labels at the bottom of your screen. All are connected to scriptures somehow. If you’re on your phone, you’ll have to click on “view the web version.” That option will show up at the end of a post. 
I want you to be pleased with my work because it helps your ministries and helps ALL your families serve God better. 
Please make a comment so that I know how to invest my time, continue to use PBT, tell others about it, and check back to see what direction I've decided to take. Grace and peace, Hanna