About Me

Hanna Schock, picture book lover here. I have many loves besides the passion you see for picture books on this blog. My first love is for my family, my wonderful husband who is also my best friend, my two teenagers, and our large extended family. Friends are also essential treasures of my abundant life. When I’m with those I love most, life seems very rich and full.

For nearly all of my life, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by the loving and grace-filled ways of United Methodists. Being a Christian is central to who I am and how I view the world, but for this blog, I hope to offer ideas for theological learning that cross boundaries of denomination and even religion. We all want better learning that will lead to better living. I believe that this happens by finding The Sacred in the ordinary. Here I offer what some might consider ordinary (picture books) and encourage you to look for that which is Sacred in them.

Other important experiences besides my faith journey and time with my people, are my years as a mother, public & home school teacher, small group facilitator, curriculum designer, and especially my training as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. These experiences will critically inform much of what I offer you here. 

I delight in considering how children and adults would best learn a particular concept and then offering ideas for programming and ministry. On this blog, the focus for those energies will be on how secular pictures books might benefit your ministry, your clients, your students, and your family. For more on how this happens, read my tab "About Using Picture Books for Theological Education." 

Another important influence on this blog will be where I live, Birmingham, AL, where the scars of racism and the hopes of the Civil Rights Movement greatly impact how I view the world. For decades I have attended First United Methodist Church, where only 2 blocks away a bomb at 16th Street Baptist Church killed 4 young girls. For these reasons, you’ll see a large number of books about acceptance, peace, diversity, social justice, & civil rights. 

As you might have guessed, I’m an avid reader. I’m convinced that the world is a better place when people read and tell stories. Besides picture books, I read mostly fiction and spiritual writing. My adult fiction interests are diverse and range from the gritty writing of Tana French and Kate Atkinson to Nora Roberts' romances. My favorite spiritual writers are Anne Lamott, Barbara Brown Taylor, Brian McLaren, Rachel Held Evans, Rob Bell, Parker Palmer, Sue Monk Kidd, Linda Douty, and Jan Richardson. 

In April of 2014, I embarked on a daring journey of posting a picture book a day for 365 days because I fervently believed, after months of discernment, that God had asked me to make  this offering to you. I have continued this work because there are so many treasures in picture books and much more that I hope to offer you so that we may all continue the building of the kindom (sic) of God while finding The Sacred in the ordinary.