Monday, March 4, 2024


Click on the link above to see me presenting the benefits of PBT with seminary students and others at Knox College, a Canadian institution of higher education. This 1-hour webinar was hosted by picture book author Laura Alary. Additionally, because it was recorded in October, I briefly offer some book  recommendations for the fall & winter holidays as well as many other book recommendations. Here you'll find the best of what I have learned these 10 years of PBT!

To see more at PBT about Alary's books, simply type "Alary" into the PBT search box in the upper right IF you are in the "web version. Go to her website to see the full array of her excellent books, both secular & sacred, picture book & resource book. 

If on a phone, convert to "web version" (see bottom of phone screen) to get the full benefit of PBT. 

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