Monday, June 6, 2016

PBT Redux - Miss Maple's Seeds

Recently I was looking back at my list of books I’ve featured here at PBT (approaching 500!). I especially want you to be aware of some of the books published in the last decade or so. Therefore, I’m going to re-post them with some new content. I'll be posting my favorites first.

Picture books are getting better and better! Let this PBT Redux series be proof of just that. The many newly published books featured here at PBT are one of the reasons checking out my blog regularly is worth your valuable time.

Picture Book: Miss Maple’s Seeds 
Author & Illustrator: Eliza Wheeler 
Summary: Miss Maple, a finder of orphan seeds that did not find a place to grow, sees potential for a miracle in every guest. She tenderly nurtures each seed through the up-coming seasons, taking them on field trips to consider places to grow in next year’s planting. When she decides it’s time for them to make roots of their own, she sends them off, telling them to take care, for even the smallest seed can become a great tree. Then she’s off to gather orphan seeds again. 

Hanna’s Comments: This is a beautiful book with so much application for our spiritual lives. Whether we see the seeds in this story as children, ideas, projects, or ministries, there are parallels with our meaningful work and God-given talents. I especially loved the page in which the illustrator shows the reader 20 different types of seeds. The illustrations are so clever & fanciful that you may want to have multiple copies of this book as you read it to your audience, child or adult, all will enjoy it. Be sure to encourage your audience to think hard on all the varieties of “seeds” there are. A child audience may be looking to the future; an adult audience may reflect on the past and look to future tending. Either way, this book offers possibilities for much fruit (and other plants!) that might grow in the garden that is your faith community. Don’t forget to turn it around and consider those who have nurtured and encouraged your faith such as God-parents, mentors, ministers, teachers, writers, and scriptural heroes.

Original Publisher & Date: Nancy Paulsen, 2013 
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 3 and up, Pre and up 
Formats other than Book: Tablet 
Scripture Connections: Whoever welcomes a child… (Matthew 18:5); Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mark 4:30-32); Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:18-23) 
Idea(s) for Application: This book would be a great gift for a family who adopts a child or begins foster care, a teacher, or someone doing children’s ministry.

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