Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PBT Question # 2 to ask about any secular picture book:

Is there a sacred theme to the book? (Fruits of the Spirit, Light, Bread, Ritual, Creation, Righteousness, Ancestors, Justice, the Least…)

This is the easiest of the PBT questions to consider when approaching a picture book. Often the major and minor themes of picture books are concepts of social-emotional learning that are also considered aspects of an abundant spiritual or religious life. On this blog, I consider topics that directly connect with themes found in the Old Testament (Hebrew) Scriptures and New Testament Scriptures.

On each post of the Picture Book a Day for a Year list, you’ll see a section in the middle that lists many more PBT Topics than the blog site would allow me to offer for search labels. The blogsite’s search labels are the green words at the bottom of this screen. Click on a word there, and you’ll be taken to all the books I’ve connected to that word.

To demonstrate the abundance of themes that can be found in those lists, here are 6 biblical themes and 6 featured PBT books that connect to those themes (1 each for the first 6 letters of the alphabet):

Biblical Theme     PBT Book Title              Day             Date Featured
Adoption             Miss Maple’s Seeds         38                  5/27/14
Brokenness         Koko’s Kitten                   60                  6/18/14
Change                Fortunately                     135                 9/1/14   
Discovery           The Listening Walk        227                12/2/14
Enemies              Enemy Pie                       118                 8/15/14
Friendship         Bear and Bird                 199                11/4/14

Here’s a favorite illustration from Miss Maple’s Seeds (Day 38 on May 27, 2014) and Bear and Bird (Day 199 on November 4, 2014):

Have fun exploring with this large list of PBT search labels and enjoy the abundance of PBT books that are offered here for your good work and rich conversations. In a few days, I’ll discuss PBT Question # 3.
May your exploring yield many godly possibilities, Hanna

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