Friday, May 1, 2015

PBT Question # 3 to ask about any secular picture book:

Does the book remind you of scripture?                                                                               
 (a Story, a Character, or a Verse)

Often times answering this question takes some thought. However, as you read a picture book, a connection with a Bible story, character, or verse may jump out at you. That’s fun to discover! When there are no obvious links but I’m still hoping for a biblical connection for a picture book I love, I rely on a Bible concordance or a list on a website.

The Open Bible website offers a search engine for key words. Here’s the link: This site allows you to search by a biblical name, a religious theme, or a phrase in a Bible verse. This site also offers nice lists of the most popular Bible stories for children, but don’t use this link only when you are doing children’s programming. Adults will respond to those same stories. Here’s that link:

Make sure you are not just thinking about the major characters/stories of the Bible. Those characters/stories are often well-known. Your audience deserves new material! Consider some of the lesser known stories such as those in the Acts of the Apostles or those referenced in Paul’s letters. Don't forget the parables that Jesus told. 

Also, don't forget the stories of women and girls in the Bible! Rich faith development involves girls learning about female biblical role-models and boys hearing the important roles that women had in our Holy Scriptures. There are many women’s stories in the Bible that offer meaningful lessons and conversations. Sadly, females are often unnamed so finding their story is harder.

Here are 4 women in the Bible that you may not have considered for a lesson, 2 from each testament:

Name or Description                                                          Bible Reference
Rahab                                                                                    Joshua 2
The Widow of Zarephath                                                  1 Kings 17:7-24
The Bent-over Woman aka The Crippled Woman       Luke 13:11
Dorcas/Tabitha                                                                   Acts 9:36

I’ve included here, a peek at 2 of the amazing illustrations in The Quiltmaker’s Gift (Day 14 on May 3, 2014). This story directly relates to the valuable but rarely-mentioned story of Dorcas (scripture reference listed above).