Monday, April 20, 2015

“A Picture Book a Day for a Year” is accomplished!

You might be wondering what will happen next here at Picture Book Theology (PBT). This is what I know:

·         Because I wanted the 365 consecutive posts to be very consistent for your future use, I kept the same format each day. Now I get to be creative and have even more fun telling you about the possibilities of using picture books for ministry, teaching, and bibliotherapy.

·         I want to have more feedback and input from you. Please consider responding with your ideas, successful use of picture books, questions, etc. Let’s have some PBT community conversation!

·         There’s no way I can stop reading picture books so I will continue to post about wonderful books you might not know, but the format will be more varied including author features, theme based book lists, and blog posts written by guests.

·         I will not be posting every day. My family has been so patient and supportive over the past 365 days. I’m very thankful for their encouragement and understanding, but I can’t keep up this pace.  

·         God continues to want me on this journey with you.

·         I hope you’ll look for another post in a few days.  

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