Friday, April 24, 2015

PBT Questions to Ask about Any Picture Book

Not all picture books have the potential for use in ministry, teaching, or bibliotherapy, but many do. For instance, ABC books are not usually helpful and books that are especially girly will not be well received my many who are turned off by such books.

Below you’ll find a list of questions to help you approach a picture book that you think might have potential. For the next few posts, I’ll expand on each question and offer some examples of picture books I have already featured here at PBT.

Picture Book Theology (PBT) Questions to ask about any secular picture book:

1. Is God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit in the book? (Symbolically in characters/symbols? Influencing characters/events?)

2. Is there a sacred theme to the book? (Fruits of the Spirit, Light, Bread, Ritual, Creation, Righteousness, Ancestors, Justice, the Least…)

3. Does the book remind you of scripture? (a Story, a Character, or a Verse) 

4. Does the book contain or encourage a spiritual practice? (Compassion, Generosity, Gratitude, Prayer, Praise, Hospitality, Peacemaking, Reconciliation…)

5. Does this book have the potential to positively affect the behavior or future of those who experience it? (teach important Social Skills such as The Great Commandment or inspire with a connection to a Resilient or Creative Bible Character)

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