Friday, September 24, 2021

Navigating the Best PBT Series


Here are some tips for getting to the best info. regarding the 800 or so books here at PBT. The book above is part of the Grab & Go series. These are books in which there is little need for prep before teaching a lesson. Here's another Grab & Go.

Using the search mechanisms to find these series is key. There are 2:

1.      The search box at the upper right of each post.

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2.    The search labels at the bottom of a screen page (not each post). BUT If you are on your phone, you likely have to click "view the web version.” These labels are listed alphabetically, but the list can be overwhelming. That's why I’m going to give you some specifics here.

Sometimes either mechanism works; sometimes only one. 

Here are those 3 PBT series that help you navigate some of my best work:

Grab & Go series 

    at the Search Box: type in "Grab."

    at the Search Labels: Look in the Gs for "Grab & Go."

The book above and below are other examples of a Grab & Go. The book below is also a God Book. That's a book that directly explores the nature of God. (more on God Books in a future post)

PBT Questions Want to know an easy way to consider a favorite secular picture book for a sacred lesson? This is your series! 

I use the word "questions" too often for you to use that word in the Search Box so these are accessible only at the Search Labels. Look in the Ps for "PBT Questions." The easiest question is first so scroll down for the first post in this series (Question 1). 

Click here to see that series which teaches my approach to considering secular picture book in 5 questions. For example, question #1: "Is God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit in the book? (symbolically) The book above and below are PBT books with characters reminiscent of 1 or all of The Trinity.

PBT Redux 

    at the Search Box: Type in "Redux."

    at the Search Labels: Look in the Ps for "PBT Redux."

Here's an example of a PBT Redux. These are simply really good books that are worth mentioning again.

Have fun exploring these 3 series! Later I'll post about navigating more PBT series.

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