Monday, September 6, 2021

from the late Rachel Held Evans


Want more about this beloved writer? See the previous PBT post, including website link.

Picture Book: What is God Like?

Author: Rachel Held Evans & Matthew Paul Turner

Illustrator: Ying Hui Tan

Forward: Daniel Jonce Evans (Evan’s husband who gives context to her beginning this book & explains the couple’s relationship to Turner.)

Summary: This daring book begins with an acknowledgement that the title is a very big question. It explains that no one has seen “all of God,” but “we can know what God is like.” At the book’s end, it says all people have been asking the title question throughout time. The reader is encouraged to keep wondering and learning. It ends profoundly and assuredly: 

But whenever you aren’t sure what God is like, think about what makes you feel safe, what makes you feel brave, and what makes you feel loved. That’s what God is like.

Hanna’s Comments:  The bulk of these pages are similes (what God is like) and metaphors (“God is…” statements). The illustrations of young children shouldn't limit the age of your audience. For an older or mixed-age audience, such as a whole congregation, simply read the text without showing the book. Besides the compelling and rich text, I especially appreciate the beauty & diversity of Tan's images.

Original Publisher & Date: Convergent, 2021

Age Appropriateness: Preschool & up

Formats other than Book: None at present

Scripture Connections: Scripture ties will be driven by the specific images for God you choose to explore. Many tie directly to familiar scriptures. Here are just a few of the 14 images I found: God is like… an eagle, a fort, a rainbow, the stars, a mother, a father, a candle flame, an artist, a shepherd...

PBT Applications: There is a lot of text here. Read it entirely if to a group older than preschool age. This will easily start a faith conversation. For preschoolers, a few select pages will do. If you want to dig into some specifics, pass out several books and have small groups choose which images and words they respond to most.

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