Monday, April 10, 2017

PBT Techniques #5 Using Poetry in Ministry

Picture Book: In Every Grain of Sand: A Child’s Book                                                      of Prayers and Praise
Collected by: Reeve Lindbergh
Illustrators: Christine Davenier, Bob Graham, Anita Jeram, and Elisa Kleven 
Summary: This beautiful collection offers verses of praise, such as an Homage to God,
in appreciation of nature, 
and to celebrate ordinary things. 
Each of the 4 sections offer various writers and only one illustrators' renderings. There are poems, prayers, and sayings categorized for the day
for the home
for the earth
and for the night. 
You’ll find poems from The Old Testament. Here's the 23rd Psalm.
The New Testament: The Lord's Prayer with elephants and moneys!
And other Jewish writings are here.
You'll find prayers from various religions 
and cultures
ancient writings
and relatively new verses, like these from Schweitzer and Hugo.
Some writings are from beloved saints such as Julian of Norwich
and some from heroes, like Anne Frank.
Hanna’s Comments: April is National Poetry Month here in The States so I wanted to suggest some ways you can use picture book poetry in ministry, classrooms, homes, or even in a therapeutic setting.
If you need a quick closing for a Sunday school lesson, a well-selected poem will do, like this Gaelic Blessing.
If you are basing a lesson on a Psalm, consider locating one in a picture book to use in the heart of your lesson. Have your audience create their own illustrations for the Psalm.  This picture book has versions or verses from Psalms 23, 118, 121, & 139.
If you want to help your faith-family become more comfortable with body prayers, songs of praise are wonderful verbal prompts. Look for words that would lead to some particular gestures.
If you want to use a poem in worship, choose a poem in a picture book and project the image on a wall or screen. This one would be beautiful!
If you want to do a private school or home school lesson on spiritual poetry or comparative religious poetry, your children will love this book!
If you’re doing some pastoral counseling or spiritual direction, this book would provide enough diverse writing for a great homework assignment.
If you have other ideas, please share them via a comment. In the back of this book, you’ll find an Index of First Lines that will help you make some choices.
Original Publisher & Date: Candlewick Press, 2000
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 4 and up, Pre and up
Formats other than Book: None at present
Scripture Connections: There are many scriptures from the New and Old Testaments in this poetry collection as well as some scriptures from other faith traditions.
Idea(s) for Application: Read a poem from this collection and consider these 3 questions: What does this poem say about God? What does the poem say about humans? What does the poem say about God’s relationship with humans?

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