Friday, March 18, 2022

Hello from Around the World!

Picture Book: Hello World: 
                        A Celebration of Languages and Curiosities

Author: Jonathan Litton

Illustrator: L ’Atelier Cartographik

Summary: This is a big red book with a set of captivating first 3 sentences: 

Hello starts friendships. 

Hello opens doors. 

Hello brings smiles. 

This author says learning to say hello in other languages enriches friendships, makes experiences more exotic, and even creates broader smiles. Amazingly, learning the 10 hellos on the first double page spread will allow you to greet over half of the world's population! The next double page spreads show the world regionally. 

Each double page spread starts with an introduction which might be just enough for you to read aloud.  In each language region (countries mostly), there are small flaps. On the outside of each flap, you'll find the word for hello. Inside the flap is the pronunciation and a short fact. After reading the introductions, open a few of the small flaps and have fun saying hello together.

There are a few additional regional sections as sidebars. For instance, there is an interesting section about Siberia - locals say your words will freeze there when temperatures are especially low. Also, you'll find comments about the look of writing. The book ends with a spread about saying good-bye.

Hanna’s Comments: I especially love a book that embraces the beautiful diversity of God's creation and the spiritual practice of hospitality! When you run across a fabulous book like this one that is not your typical read-loud, rely on your creativity. Ask some unusual questions. Don't just think of picture books as read-aloud experiences. Are there unusual ways this book can be experienced and explored? Can you be inspired by its content to create fascinating hands-on or whole body experiences? Does the art hint at an activity? 

Look for the sequel and use it in your plans! Hello World Animals: An Amazing Atlas of Wildlife. 

This sequel opens doors for talking about the important practice of theological ecology and care for Earth's creatures. They are God's beloved creatures too! 

Original Publisher: Caterpillar Books, 2016

Age Appropriateness: Age 5 and up

Formats other than Book: None at present

Scripture Connections: Any of the many scriptures about God's encouragement for us to practice hospitality such as: Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers... (Hebrews 13:12), and  the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-13.

PBT Applications: This big book could be used for emphasizing how the global church started at Pentecost as described in Acts and how language was a key factor in that story. Can't you hear all the hellos that day!? OR Talk about the power of a hello in various settings, especially where you experience the love of your faith family. Don't you want visitors to experience that too? Ask: How do we show hello with our eyes? our hands? our faces? our whole bodies?

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