Friday, February 4, 2022

PBT Series: Theme Lists - Books about Light

Light is one of the themes of Epiphany, the liturgical season after Christmas and before Lent. Here I explain how to use the helpful PBT search engine. There are 2 easy methods to access the large PBT archive with over 800 books tied to scripture.

1.      The easiest is to use the small search box in the upper right corner. Type in your key word i.e., Light.

2.     You’ll find a large list of search words at the bottom of your screen if viewing PBT on a large computer. If you’re on a phone, you must click on “view web version.” Then click on a word or phrase found under the comments of a post or at the bottom of the list of recent posts.

Below is a sampling of books found when I searched the word "light." For each entry, I give you the title and postdate. Click on the date. You’ll go to that book’s post. In at least 1 of the posts, I’ve updated it recently, adding a comparable book in the Hanna’s Comments section. The images you see in today's post are of a book recently added to an old PBT post. I'm sure you know, there are numerous scriptures about light in the Bible so I have not delineated them here!

I’d love a comment about any of these books that you’ve experienced. Perhaps you have ideas on how they can be used. Ask me a question, if you see a book that interests you but you aren’t sure how to use it at your home, a classroom, a spiritual direction session, or with your family of faith.

This Little Light of Mine by Lewis  8/29/16

When God Made Light 7/27/18

Lightship 12/21/14

Let There Be Light 8/21/17

You Are My Sunshine 3/19/15

God is Like ... (2 books) 3/24/17

The Very Lonely Firefly 6/8/14

One Light, One Sun 8/17/18

Where the Sunrise Begins 10/14/16

What Makes a Rainbow? 3/22/15

Let It Shine 12/7/14

Star Stuff 2/9/15

A Beautiful Moon 1/18/15

Stars 12/6/14

Owl Moon 6/15/14

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