Friday, August 25, 2017

Favorite Posts: Highlighting Shelly Rotner

When we think of picture books, we often think only of fiction. As I’ve delved into the treasure trove that is my local library’s picture book shelves, I’ve discovered a vast range of subjects in the non-fiction section. So many of them offer great soil for growing a garden of lessons for children in religious communities, in private schools, homeschools, or in therapeutic situations. 

As I’ve demonstrated many times here at PBT, picture books can encourage spiritual conversations and important social-emotional growth in children and adults. They can be particularly helpful when crises occur or difficult issues arise in faith communities. 

Using books (of stories, facts, or poetry) as therapeutic tools is called bibliotherapy. I learned this extraordinary word in my training as a school psychologist. I was already a lover of picture books. Because they are non-threatening, familiar, and imaginative objects, picture books can promote journeys of self-reflection and personal growth. 

Bibliotherapy is traditionally used in child therapy, but I suggest that a well-selected picture book and rich conversation with a skilled therapist or spiritual director can open a door to healing and/or better skills in adults as well. Here’s a couple of links if you want to know more about bibliotherapy:

Today’s featured author, Shelly Rotner, has such a wonderful array of books, each with her delightful photographs! Children love looking at photographs so these books are very appealing. You can supplement a lesson or even build a series of lessons around one or more of her books. You might want to consider taking similar photos of your children as a part of your lesson. The kids (and their parents) would love that!

Here's a partial list of Shelly Rotner's books. She is either the author, photographer, or both. The first is a PBT book with the post link:
Shades of People - check out that post [here]
Sometimes Bad Things Happen   by Ellen Jackson
The A.D.D. book for Kids
Changes    with Marjorie N. Allen
Every Season   with Anne Love Woodhull
Feeling Thankful   with Sheila Kelly (Spanish version available)
Different Kinds of Good-Byes   with Sheila Kelly
What’s Love?   By Deborah Carlin
Home   with Amy Goldbas
Lots of Feelings
Lots of Grandparents
Nature Spy    with Ken Kreisler
Many Ways: How Families Practice Their Beliefs and Religions              with Shelia Kelly
What Can You Do? A Book about Discovering What You Do Well             with Sheila Kelly

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