Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Picture Book a Day for a Year: Day 53

Picture Book: Dolphins on the Sand

Author & Illustrator: Jim Arnosky

Summary: A pod of dolphins are stranded on a beach. When a kayaker spots them, he brings help, a diverse group of ordinary people who work hard to save the dolphins. Because of the dolphins' weakness and hungry sharks that are waiting for their return to the ocean, the dolphins are moved to a nearby lagoon where they grow stronger. Once each dolphin is deemed strong enough, it is released back to the ocean. A mother dolphin and her youngster offer the dolphins’ point of view.

Hanna’s Comments: This author is known for his beautiful books about nature that are filled with scientific details. This is an idealized account of an event the author witnessed. See his note in the back of the book. I was struck by the way the human community responded to this crisis, demonstrating swift determination and efficiency in saving their fellow mammals. 

Publisher & Date of Publication: Scholastic, 2012 

Age and Grade Appropriateness: 5 and up, K and up 

# of Pages: 32 

Available in Spanish? Not at present 

Formats other than Book: None at present

PBT Category
: Non-fiction, Post 2K

PBT Topics this Book Connects with: baptism/washing, beach/ocean/sea/shore, danger, dependence/interdependence, dying, the environment/nature, mothers, rescue, safe place/sanctuary, savior/saving, survival, water

Scripture Connections
: Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37), Jesus washes feet (John 13:1-38), baptism

Idea(s) for Application: Use this book as part of a lesson on the importance of water in our lives, the lives of other animals, and our religious rituals.

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