Friday, November 4, 2022

Grab N Go Bks & God Bks for Our Youngest

For those of you wanting books about God for toddlers & preschoolers, below 2 PBT links feature 2 trustworthy series! Psychologically and spiritually they are right on target for the youngest in faith communities who are learning first concepts about God’s great love. These board books are not too wordy like many first written for older children. 

There are many books in these series. Board books are not cheap! I encourage you to talk to your local libraries, your churches, and even your seminaries about purchasing all of these books so you can access them easily.

HERE is post #1!

HERE is post #2!

Remember, you can easily find Grab N Go books and God Books! Go to the web version if you are on a phone. If already on a web version, type those key words in the search box (upper right) OR the search labels (at the bottom).

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