Friday, May 3, 2019

Beautiful Praise

Here's a book similar in theme to last week's repost of a favorite PBT God Book. This book is for audiences who are a little older. There are many other books at PBT about praise and thanksgiving. Simply type those words into the search engine or click on those particular search words at the bottom of the page. If you're on your phone, you'll need to click on the "web version." 
Picture Book: Sing Praise
Authors: Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrator: Janet Broxton
Summary: In this gorgeous book, rhyming verse encourages songs of thanksgiving and praise to God as demonstrated by all sorts of God's creatures and even celestial beings. Singing and ...
dancing are given priority as these pages remind us that God wants to be worshiped by all that God has created. 
Our beauty and worthiness lie in the simple fact that we are creatures of God giving voice (and dance) to the glory of our uniqueness and diversity. 
Our various abilities, beautiful faces, and playful natures are celebrated here. 
From jungles to oceans, 
bird-filled skies to farmland, 
creatures great and small are shown delighting in their createdness and praising the One who is responsible for their joy. 
The variety of song and movement is celebrated 
and will surely delight God as it should delight and inspire us humans. 
Our world, which I have lately heard is the first of God's scriptures, is the backdrop of this book's lesson in two of the easiest spiritual practices to learn.    
Praise and thanksgiving are natural expressions of our humanness and should be encouraged, expected, and never judged in our places of worship. 
Seasons are celebrated here 
as are the collective ways we praise God in community. 
One benefit of these pages is the way in which they offer hope and courage to us all to do that which we were meant to do: Be who you were created to be 
while giving back the praise and gratitude that is due our Creator.
Hanna’s Comments: This book is sure to be a future entry in the PBT Grab & Go list. Simply read it and have your audience engage in some silly imitating of various creatures in these pages who scripture says are offering praise and gratitude to God simply by being who and what God created them to be. You might want to have some nature sounds playing as folks enter and play a guessing game about what they are hearing. What a great lesson for all those who doubt their worthiness! Children (and adults) need to be reminded that God mostly wants to be worshiped, not feared, and certainly not ignored. 
Original Publisher & Date: Augsburg Fortress, 2005
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 5 and up, K and up
Formats other than Book: Tablet
Scripture Connections: The Psalms have many examples of praise to God and exhortations to do so. This book is primarily inspired by Psalms 140 and 150.
Idea(s) for Application: Read this book to a group of elementary aged children who are learning about how all of nature, alongside human beings, can and do worship God through praise and thanksgiving. 

This author has another beautiful book (illustrated by Anne Wilson this time). It's about the story of creation in Genesis. Both man and woman are made in God’s image. It uses a repeated rhyme form like The House the Jack Built but does not build too much text so preschoolers can be attentive. The days are not numbered but the Genesis sequence is there. It is a big book with bold illustrations that reflect the spherical nature of Earth. 

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