Friday, November 9, 2018

PBT Webinar & Gratitude Books!

Ever wondered how best to navigate the PBT website? Good news! Practical Resources for Churches (PRC) is featuring this website in their series Our Favorite Websites. It's live this Thursday night (11/15/18, 7-7:30 Eastern). Even if you have a conflict, register via the link below. PRC will send the video of the webinar to you. Tell colleagues who would like PBT. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with the work I do and the fabulous work of PRC. They create about 50 webinars a year to encourage meaningful church ministry! Here's where you can register:

The Thanksgiving holiday is my favorite holiday! Here are the best PBT books about gratitude. Use them to emphasize how gratitude to God & other people are important spiritual practices. Access info. about these books in 2 ways: 

For the 1st group, each title is a link that takes you to the original PBT post.


Click on the words "This Post" for 1 PBT post detailing a group of books. 

Give Thanks to the Lord by Wilson & Bates

Thank You, God by Wigger & Jago 

Thanksgiving in the Woods by Alsdurf & Lovlie

Circle of Thanks by Fower & Catalanotto

Bear Says Thanks by Wilson & Chapman

Gracias Thanks by Mora & Parra

This post lists several books at the end about giving thanks. Here are some of their covers.

Again, click on the words "This Post" found above for more info. on this group of books. May the spiritual practice of gratitude bless you today!

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