Monday, October 29, 2018

You get what you don't pay for at PBT!

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you paid for.” That’s not true here at PBT! I do this work out of love for God, for building God’s Kingdom, and for all who do the hard work of ministry and teaching. This website is all about freely sharing and giving, sharing about wonderful new picture books and giving you ideas of how to best use them. If you are grateful for my hard work, let me know by donating via the PayPal link to the right. Not a PayPal user? Send me a donation at 2029 Weeping Willow Lane, Birmingham, AL 35216. What's PBT worth to you?

Here’s one more share: I promised those who attended my workshop in Iowa that I would make the PowerPoint slideshow available. The contents represent months of work. You can access it via the tab above that says Other Resources by Hanna. There you'll find all sorts of goodies, including info. about PBT lessons and my passion for doing PBT workshops & presentations.

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