Friday, July 6, 2018

Bees, Dragons, Deer, Hippos…

Below you'll find the last of 3 PBT books by French author Marie-Helene Delval in which she highlights in simple language key aspects of and images from The Bible. The books in my 2 previous posts were about The Psalms and Images of God. This time you have a menagerie of animals from Bible accounts and parables. 
Picture Book: Animals of the Bible for Young Children
Author: Marie-Helene Delval
Illustrator: Aurelia Fronty
Summary: Appropriately, the book begins with creation. 
Wondrous sea creatures soon follow.
Eve’s serpent, Isaac’s substitute ram, and Jonah’s whale, are here as you might expect, but even less memorable animals, like those from Isaiah's peaceable kingdom prophecies, are included too. 
Animals from Jesus' parables are here.  
And a rooster reminder of Peter's shame is not forgotten.
You'll find 40 pages of animals to consider with children.  
Hanna’s Comments: God’s wise and diverse creation is celebrated animal-style in this fun book. Like the other 2 books featured before this one, a little bit of child-appropriate text introduces each illustration. The animals are viewed with God’s purposes in mind. You might want to design a game in which the kids pantomime the animal they want you to read about. Then have them consider what message God intends this animal to give the humans who lived, heard, or read the story. 
Original Publisher & Date: Erdmans, 2010
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 4 and up, Pre and up
Formats other than Book: None at present
Scripture Connections: An index in the back of this book gives you the scriptures references.
Idea(s) for Application: Read this book to a group of children in your faith family and help them see how God’s scriptures abound with stories of animals and God's purposes.

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