Monday, March 19, 2018


Picture Book: What Will Grow?
Author: Jennifer Ward
Illustrator: Susie Ghahremani
Summary: It's almost spring here in Alabama so it's time for folks to plant seeds.
This gorgeous book introduces young children to the idea that seeds are varied and determine what will grow. In the back you'll find lots of information about common seeds 
and the 4 stages from seed to plant.
The title question is asked and answered after each seed is described in a fun rhyming couplet. 
Sometimes the seed is described, the question asked and then ...
you are treated to an extra, fold-out page.  
Big plants for climbing are here. 
The origins of common flowers are considered. 
And an uncommon flower is featured  
with a surprising fold-out treat! 
But this book is not just about the plants we expect to enjoy in spring and summer. 
Some we harvest in autumn
and some we celebrate in winter. 
Here's another gorgeous surprise. 
You'll find animal interactions which you can expand on with more science, helping children understand the God-ordained interactions of plants and animals. 
The parts of a plant are mentioned 
as well as the different directions of growth. 
The wrap-up shows the busyness of the underground 
and the results of all that work and time. 
Hanna’s Comments: Because the Bible was written in an agrarian culture and a simpler time, seeds are used repeatedly as literary illustrations of godly potential. Their symbolism is straightforward and relateable to young and old. Each seed has the godly wisdom to grow in its own way just as we have God's image in us to bless the world. Although we are each a unique seed with varied potential, our genetics tie us to other humans, particular animals, and the plants we depend on.   
The first book in Ward & Ghahremani's series is What Will Hatch? 
Likewise, in that book the author/illustrator duo transform a set of simple scientific ideas about eggs into beauty we can then use for spiritual metaphors. The beautiful pages in both books (my photos don't do them justice) are thick for little hands to turn. 
Original Publisher & Date: Bloomsbury, 2017
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 2 and up, Toddler and up
Formats other than Book: None at present
Scripture Connections: Scriptures about the image of God in us, seed parables, and our connections with plants and other animals
Idea(s) for Application: Read this book during a lesson for young children in your faith family and link to scriptures in which seeds symbolically represent potential.

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