Friday, February 16, 2018

PBT Question #2 to Ask about Any Secular Picture Book

Is there a sacred theme to the book? (such as Fruits of the Spirit, Light, Bread, Ritual, Creation, Courage, Righteousness, Ancestors, the Least…)
This is the easiest of the PBT questions to consider when approaching a picture book. 
Often the major and minor themes of picture books are concepts of social-emotional learning that we want children to know so books on these concepts are common. Fortunately for those who want to use picture books in ministry, those same concepts are also considered aspects of an abundant spiritual or religious life. 
If you’re using the "web version" format (you may have to select this on your phone), you will see a large list of purple search labels below. On this website, I consider topics that directly connect with scriptures found in the Old Testament (Hebrew) Scriptures and New Testament Scriptures.
 You'll find fiction and non-fiction books.
I've included classics from your childhood. 
And I especially enjoy telling you about the best new books and award-winning books.
Just click on a purple word below and be taken to all the picture books I’ve connected to that concept.
To demonstrate the abundance of themes that can be found in the PBT search list, here are 10 biblical themes and links to 10 featured PBT books that connect (1 each for the first 10 letters of the alphabet):
Adoption -  MissMaple’s Seeds
Brokenness - Koko’s Kitten 
Change - Fortunately     
Discovery - TheListening Walk
Enemies - EnemyPie   
Friendship - Bear and Bird   
Generosity -  If You Plant a Seed
Image of God - The Colors of Us
Darkness/Fear - The Dark
Goodness - Most People
Resurrection - 2 books about turtles

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