Friday, November 3, 2017

PBT Series: God Book #8

Here is the last of the Old Turtle series.  
Picture Book: Old Turtle: Questions of the Heart
Author: Douglas Wood
IllustratorGreg Ruth 
Summary: Earth’s people have so many questions for Old Turtle. They ask an old woman if Old Turtle is real and how to find her for it was the old woman’s own grandmother who, as a little girl, found Old Turtle. The old woman says to “follow the whisperings of your heart” along the old, overgrown paths to find Old Turtle. Then she says she wants to come along. After a long journey, they find Old Turtle who encourages their questions:
What is our purpose in life?
How do we find happiness?
What about family?
Can you tell us about play?
What is evil?
And the old woman’s question: What of death?
Old Turtle wisely answers each and tells them of another, more important question:
Who are you and how will you live this day?
Once they understand this last question, the party leaves with this comfort from Old Turtle:
There is no question the heart can ask for which it cannot find the answer.
Hanna’s Comments: This book was published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Old Turtle. It is dense with philosophical and spiritual ideas as Old Turtle answers each question over several pages. If you are going to present this book to an audience of young children, paraphrase rather than read all the text. They will love the illustrations. For older children or adults, consider reading this book over a series of lessons.
Original Publisher & Date: Scholastic, 2017
Age & Grade Appropriateness: 7 and up, 2nd and up 
Formats other than Book: Tablet
Scripture Connections: Each question offered to Old Turtle has connections with scripture, particularly in the wisdom literature: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and more in the ApocryphaAsking questions of wise ones is a long-standing religious ritual that is evident in stories throughout the Bible. 
Idea(s) for Application: Read this book to continue an Old Turtle series of lessons while exploring important spiritual questions and emphasizing the developmental importance of doubt and questioning.

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