Monday, April 18, 2016

PBT Blog Series: Theological Statements for Young Children #8

Illustration from Be Gentle by Virginia Miller
Finding stories that are appropriate for toddlers & preschoolers becomes challenging when considering the topics of the next PBT statement for young children: God/Jesus doesn’t want you to lie, steal, or hurt others.

Illustration from Be Gentle by Virginia Miller
Generally, these darker subjects are not addressed in stories for the very young except perhaps for the last prohibition, hurting others. Parents and teachers of young children often have to teach children to “be gentle” or “don’t hurt.” I did find a few excellent series that are specifically published to address social-emotional skills which are crucial for children's success in school and later in adult life. 

I featured 2 books in the Best Behavior Series on February 16, 2015. These 2 books had the same title, Words are Not for Hurting, but one was much simpler and offered Spanish text as well. The rest in the series are also perfect for very young children and many connect with this theological statement. Some are board books, and some come with Spanish text. Their contents are obvious, given the titles, so I’m just going to list those below. 
The illustrator for all is Marieka Heinlen. The author of all is Elizabeth Verdick, except for the first which is by Martine Agassi. Elizabeth Verdick also has a series called Toddler Tools which describes in simple terms typical moments in a young child’s day. Here are some titles from that series: Calm Down Time, Naptime, Sharing Time, Listening Time.
Best Behavior Series:
Hands are Not for Hitting
Feet are Not for Kicking
Teeth are Not for Biting
Tails are Not for Pulling
Germs are Not for Sharing

The Getting Along Series is for children a little older. The recommended age is 4 and up rather than 2 and up for the series above. This series focuses on more complex interpersonal interactions. They are all written by Cheri J. Meiners who also writes the Being the Best Me Series, which I would highly recommend. It covers topics like forgiveness, integrity, and resilience.
 Getting Along Series:
Talk and Work It Out
Cool Down and Work Through Anger
Know and Follow Rules
Share and Take Turns
Be Polite and Kind
Be Honest and Tell the Truth
Respect and Take Care of Things

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